How it works

Station Manager

Please find below the steps to set up your Connect Station

1. Select your station type

We offer different station types. Please find a description of each one here. Pick one of them or create your customized Connect Station!

Station types
Create a message

2. Create a message

You can create customized posts links, texts, emails and other messages. These will be posted when customers tap their tags. It is possible to have many posts and activate them by time at random.

3. Get started

Put the station at your location and hand out the NFC Tags. Let customers tap their Tag, so that friends of your customers will read the message, share it, like it and comment on it. Please find some examples of how you can use the Connect Station here!

Like station
Message spreads

4. Your message starts spreading

Friends and friends of your customers will read your message. Since friends have similar interest, your message is actually interesting to them. In addition, people trust recommendations from their friends. That way your product/service is recommended to your real target group by their friends. That gives you the best conversion rate!

5. Check reports

waveNconnect offers you different reports about your customers and the interactions you created. Starting with the number of users and their gender, age and specific location, we also offer reports about the number of interactions and a time based evaluation about the usage of each of your Connect Stations.


Users and Visitors

Some easy steps to your bounty

1. Sign in

There are many ways to sign in. You can use one of your social media accounts or your email address. Just use whatever you like. You can also use all of the accounts mentioned above.

Station types
Camera Station

2. Tap the Tag

Tap your tag everywhere you find a message that you want to share with your friends. There also might be a camera station where you can take a souvenir picture and share it in real time with your Facebook friends.

3. Message will be placed

Depending on the Connect Station and your activated networks the message is placed on your channels. For example a Facebook wallpost is created or you checked in or you retweeted a tweet or you just get an email with all the information about the visited place.

Example bounties

4. Get bounty

As soon as your action is finished you will be offered a bounty from the place hosting the Connect Station. It can be a discount, a free drink or loyalty points. It always depends on the location your in. Enjoy your bounty!